Certified Organic

What makes Certification of Agricultural Products so valuable?

7 certified organic

Organic Certification is a must for many farms and businesses that handle organic foods, no matter if they grow or process food. It confirms that the farm complies with the organic regulations of USDA (United States Department Of Agriculture).
With this “Seal” the producers are allowed to label and sell the products as organic and to present them as such.
So what are the benefits for Farmers?
Of course, obtaining the seal is not cheap at all. But the benefits are very interesting and profiting: The Farmer is able to apply for additional funding and will be educated and protected by assistance programs the USDA provides for them.
Organic farming is very important to protect our natural resources. The farmer has access to the global markets and provides a role model for healthy farming and products.
And one of his benefits is, that he can ask for a much higher price for his products. That sounds good to everybody. So the certification is also very valuable for the concerned customer. With the USDA seal he can be sure he bought healthy products, which is like a little treasure by itself and should be valued as such.
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