Protein Power Pasta

Nutrient-Dense Noodles with lots of fibers

4 noodle

I bought this item at Sprouts Groceries even though the price was a little bit high with around $3.45. What caught my eye was the high plant based protein of 14g and the fiber content of 7g. They are Non-GMO and gluten-free.
Of course the fact that the ingredients, like red lentil flour and quinoa flour, are organic made my decision easier.
But I was concerned 1 package wouldn’t be enough for my husband and me since he really likes to eat two or three plates of normal white flour noodles.

So I was surprised only one plate was sufficient for him.

The noodles tasted really good. We liked them better than the traditional ones we had before. I will buy them again and hope they will lower the price pretty soon.

You can get them at Sprouts, and other grocery stores like Smith’s or visit
I was not compensated for writing this post.
Opinions are my own.

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