A good Sign

Today I want to share a funny story listed below.

When I buy organic vegetables I am aware that possibly insects are hiding in them. But that is also a good sign as it shows that there are no pesticides in it.

Before I store the vegetables in the fridge, I toss them in a bowl of good water to get rid of insects and dirt. That’s the “disadvantage” you have when buying organic vegetables. But that should not be a problem. To live organic demands more time but the reward is much more important than the time you spend for cleaning, etc.

So the story I want to share shows how far away some people are from real nature.


Customer:-Yesterday I took spinach from you, but there was an insect in it. Organic farmer:-Madam, I apologize for that ,it is a part of the mother earth,if it has been managed to survive in it, it means that the vegetable is safe to consume and is free from chemicals. Note:-👆Based on true incident. Encourage organic […]

via A smart reply by an organic farmer — pritamode


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