Healthy Clothing and Textile Dye Allergies

Textile Dye Allergies

blue canoe

Many people have textile dye allergies without knowing it. I found out many years ago that I am allergic to black and blue colors. I experienced rashes and itching when I put on my new blue jeans. Even though I washed them several times, the problem still exists. The same happened with black T-Shirts.

So I went to my doctor to find out. He did a patch test and provided the results a couple of days later. I couldn’t believe it. – Allergic to textiles?  – To be honest, after his diagnosis I did not follow his advise to avoid special kinds of blue and black in my clothing.

I preferred to buy cheap jeans and just tried to live with the unpleasant side effects. I wanted to be hip and up-to-date to fit into society. But then the really eye-opening experience happened when I bought another cheap, beautiful Blue-Jeans. After wearing it for a while I noticed my skin began to sweat. I guess the jeans was not 100% cotton and since I have additional other allergies it could have been due to other artificial “ingredients”. Due to the sweating the nice blue color was absorbed into my skin and caused horrible itching and rashes all over my legs.

At that time I remembered what my doctor once told me many years ago. And he was right! Almost at the same time a friend of mine told me she experienced horrible pains after wearing her new black shoes. Her toes got so inflamed that she had to throw away the cheap footwear. Since that time I am way more aware to buy more healthy clothing to avoid these nasty dye allergies.

My search to a more organic lifestyle brought me to Blue Canoe. This Company claims to use natural fibers, organic cotton and organic bamboo. Of course grown without harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. But most important to me are the dyes. So this company uses only nontoxic, very gentle dyes. That’s what I like.

They carry skirts, dresses, shirts, lingerie, etc. I will definitely switch over to more healthy clothing and buy some items from that company. Step by step. It is not possible to replace all my clothing at once. Piece for piece, that is the goal. They don’t have Blue-Jeans. But I mentioned in an earlier post the Patagonia Company, who provides Organic Jeans.

If you are interested to check out the collection from bluecanoe, just follow the link below.

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