Homemade Almond Facial Scrub

Beautiful rosy skin


I love to make my own Facial Scrub with organic ingredients. Having control of the items I put in there is important to me, and I know it is all organic without harmful chemicals.

The Scrub exfoliates, refreshes and soothes the skin. You can feel the difference after doing one Facial Scrub.

Here are the ingredients I use. But of course, you can alter the recipe to your liking.

So, to fill a little glass jar I use the following ingredients:

1/4-1/2 cup of raw  organic almonds

4-6 tablespoons of organic oatmeal

1-2 tablespoons of chamomile flowers

3 teaspoons of organic almond oil or organic coconut oil

Measurements are approximate. The result should be a very thick and heavy paste.

Put the almonds in a food processor (grind it very fine). Add the oatmeal and the chamomile flowers. Pour in the almond or coconut oil. Warm up the oil if it is not fluid enough. If you like, you can also add some drops of organic oils like rose fragrance oil, patchouli, or lavender.

Pour the mixture in a glass container and put it in the fridge. To use the Scrub, just remove 1 teaspoon of it, wet your skin with good water (I like purified water) and moisture the solution with very little water. Rub hands with the mixture in between to get the perfect paste. Gently rub it onto your skin in circular motions. Keep going and massage your whole face. If you have more of the paste left, just use it for your neck. Massage for about three minutes. This will improve the blood circulation and give you a nice complexion.

After doing so, remove the paste with a damp washcloth. At the end you can refresh your face with cold water. Gently dry the face and apply a tiny amount of organic coconut oil.

You can feel and see the difference! Your skin will be rosy and glowing.

It is recommended to do a scrub at least once a week. You can use the mixture in the glass jar for about one week. But always put it back into the fridge, otherwise mold could built up.

Opinions are my own



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