Lemon Water with Cayenne Pepper

Want to speed up weight loss and detoxify?


There are many articles out there describing the wonderful benefits of lemon water with cayenne pepper. People claim this special beverage will not only speed up weight loss but additionally detoxify the body. The cayenne pepper will increase the metabolic rate by approximately 25%.

All the benefits of this beverage were promoted by Stanley Burroughs in his book, “The Master Cleanser”, which was published in 1976.

I tried cayenne pepper water a while ago. Immediately after drinking it, my body warmed up very quickly and I could feel an increased blood circulation. My stuffed sinus cleared up after a couple of minutes and I felt refreshed and much better.

Later I started with drinking the combination of lemon water and cayenne pepper.

I would like to introduce the following recipe to start with:

I use 8 ounces of purified or reverse osmosis water and warm it up a little bit. Then I add the fresh juice of a small organic lemon and a quarter teaspoon of organic cayenne pepper. Stir it up and slowly drink it. Or just take it spoon by spoon.

You can alter this recipe and  increase the amount of cayenne pepper to a  whole teaspoon. Just be careful because it is really spicy! If the beverage is too strong, just add a little bit more warm water.

Out of my experience, warm water is easier to drink than cold water.

So I am excited to find out if I can speed up weight loss and contribute to a much healthier condition.

Opinions are my own.



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