Why I chose Organic Coffee

Poisons in my coffee


I need my daily dose of coffee. Without it, I cannot think clearly. But I admit, I never thought about all the poisons in my coffee. I just wasn’t aware of possible hazardous ingredients, etc.

When I started to achieve a much healthier organic lifestyle, I put everything I ate and drank under the magnifying glass. And coffee was no exemption. Of course, getting rid of this addicting beverage would be much better. But I will postpone this goal to another time. So I started to investigate conventional coffee a little bit more.

My research gave me almost a heart attack! My beloved beverage was full of poisons. I found out that coffee contains around 600 known toxins. Wow! How should the body be able to overcome that?

Coffee farmers use lots of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. Later, when they roast the beans, the heating process causes another chemical reaction, which will contribute to an additional amount of poisons.

Enough reasons for me to switch to organic coffee. I think that’s a much healthier alternative at the moment. Stopping to drink coffee at all  should be my goal as I already mentioned. Drinking lots of coffee causes heart palpitations, nervousness, irritability, kidney and liver problems and more.

Organic coffee is a little bit more expensive than the conventional one. But being healthy should be number one on my list.

Many suppliers like Smith’s and Albertsons offer organic coffee these days. But I prefer to buy my organic coffee at Costco. Here I get more for my money. They offer organic coffee from fair trade. So being able to contribute more income to the poor coffee farmers gives me a better feeling.

Opinions are my own


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