Do you have Organic Cotton Sheets?

Have a better and healthier sleep with Organic Cotton Sheets


Living an organic lifestyle is not restricted to food and beverage only. It also includes your environment at home. Therefore it just seems to be logical to also have  an organic sleep experience. At least we spend approximately 6-8 hours in bed. But in my experience, not many people include their whole home in the organic path.

What I mean is, we should be aware of the mattresses, the linens, sheets, blankets, comforters we have in our beds.  Are they organic? Many of the conventional bedding linens contain lots of chemicals like formaldehyde and dyes. Especially for people suffering from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) or others allergic to dyes, chemicals, etc., it is very important to choose organic bedding. I think it is absolutely necessary to provide a very healthy environment especially for babies and children.

I also ask myself very often, why do we have so many children suffering from asthma. Is it because of all the chemicals surrounding them? Chemicals in their clothing, beds, body lotions, powders, household cleaners, detergents, toys?

I once met a lady complaining that her baby has asthma at such a young age. But when I saw what she bought for her home, like scented candles, lots of other decorations containing formaldehyde and other chemicals, scented beverages, baby jumpsuit with non-organic substances and much more, it was clear to me. The poor baby was living in such an unhealthy environment. No wonder, the child had problems to catch fresh, clean air.

Of course, there are much more other obstacles like brand new homes. Like the house, I lived in before. It was doused with tons of chemicals to prevent termite invasion, deterioration, etc. Like I mentioned in a former post, it made me deadly sick.

Back to the Organic Cotton Sheets. I found a company providing healthy bedding stuff. From mattresses to linens and more. Here is their website:

They take it very seriously to offer healthy, organic items for the whole family. Organic cotton and natural fibers are on their agenda.

Even JC Penney and Macy’s provide some organic cotton sheets to a reasonable price. The more we people ask for organic goods, the more the companies will provide. Just ask them or visit their websites to find out or to have a dialogue with them.

Opinions are my own

I was not compensated for writing this blog post



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