Organic Candles

Better for you and the environment


A better, healthier lifestyle includes everything surrounding us. In this case I will talk about candles.

In the past I have never thought about all the harmful ingredients they contain. For example Paraffin, Satiric Acid and of course, all the artificial scents and dyes. I think all these toxic chemicals are dangerous for our health and environment.

Especially these artificial Aromatherapy Candles with the heavy scent are an absolutely NO for me. They just give me a headache. The same happens when I enter a Shopping Mall or a Casino. These artificial smells which should just relax you and give you a better feeling, make me sick.

According to the EPA, paraffin candles release benzene and toluene. These substances are  dangerous and can cause cancers. They can also affect the lungs.
Enough reasons for me to ban them.

So I went on to find Organic Candles. And I found them. The Organic Candle Company produces non-harmful candles. They are USDA certified and the company claims, their products contain the maximum concentration of the finest quality certified organic ingredients. Like organic essential oils and lead free cotton wicks. They absolutely avoid using dangerous chemicals.

Their agenda is, to contribute to a much healthier environment. I love that!  The products are more expensive because of all the healthy ingredients and the handmade process. To me, that’s o.k. Quality has it’s price.

Organic Candles are wonderful gifts for the family, friends and business partners. I will keep that in mind for the next upcoming celebrations.

If you are interested in the many products the company offers, please visit this website:

Opinions are my own

I was not compensated for writing this blog post


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