Organic Shoes not only for Vegans

Ever thought of wearing Organic Shoes?


Photo credit  Rawganique

To be honest, I never thought about the leather industry and that animals have to die for leather products. Of course, I was aware of the cruel killing of animals for the fur industry. How stupid of me!

I used to love real leather shoes because they provide good quality and longevity and they look good.

If we want to protect animals and end the brutal killings, why don’t we look for an alternative in regards to shoes. And that’s what I did.

So, I found a couple of companies where we can order such shoes online. They are made of organic cotton, linen and hemp. And the most remarkable fact is that they are manufactured without harmful chemicals. Just perfect for people with chemical sensitivity or MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities).

Do you know that harmful chemicals can enter your bloodstream through your skin?

For a long time I was not aware of my allergy toward black and blue colors. A friend of mine once bought black shoes. After some time she got really bad rashes and blisters on her feet. This was due to the harmful chemicals in that leather.

Organic shoes are not yet available in a great variety. But the more demand there is, the more they will produce these healthy shoes for us.

I will just add a couple of links. If you are interested, have a look and enjoy 🙂

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  1. I hope to see more organic shoe suppliers.

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  2. Yeah, these look very comfortable. I’ll see if they have them for men. Those specifically look warm, light weighted and just comfortable. Me personally, I’d like ’em in Black. Nice idea Anthesis!


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