Organic Carpet Cleaning

Non-organic cleaning products are harmful 

carpet cleaning

Popular Carpet Cleaning Products we buy in stores contain very often harmful chemicals. Especially toddlers and pets are exposed to these toxic substances. I think we should be aware of that threat and stop using harmful chemicals to protect our families and environment. Listed below are a few of these toxins:


Artificial Fragrances



Lye or Sodium Hydroxide

Acids and more

A “fresh cleaned” carpet, cleaned with non-organic products, causes breathing problems and headaches, irritation to eyes and nose to me. Since I am very allergic to Formaldehyde, I can only use organic cleaning products.

Organic carpet cleaning products are the right way for us and our environment. Below I want to list a few products to try. And, for heavy stains or bad smelling areas you can always use baking soda. To remove stains I mix it with white cheap vinegar and rub it into the dirty part. If you just want to get rid of the bad smell, sprinkle some of the baking soda on that carpet and leave it overnight. Next day vacuum the carpet and it should be taken care of.

Of course, carpets can be cleaned without cleaning products by steam cleaners. They can be bought online or in special stores. Some companies like Home Depot or Lowes’s rent out special steam cleaners.

Here are a couple of non-toxic, organic products to clean carpets. Not all are organic. But at least do they contain less or no harmful ingredients:|pcrid|97670539213|product|717256000097&gclid=CMvbrpDzx9ICFQ5EfgodL6MCIg,google&utm_medium=fpl,PLA&utm_term=GreenShieldOrganicAllPurposeCleanerFreshLemon32oz&utm_content=115360&utm_campaign=googlebase&site=google_base&scid=scplp115360&sc_intid=115360&gclid=CJDfsZ71x9ICFViUfgodyMEIZw

If you want to provide your own non-toxic carpet cleaning product, you are invited to do so. Thank you!

Opinions are my own

I was not compensated for writing this blog post



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