Ever tried Jackfruit?


The largest fruit in the world, named Jackfruit, weighing up to 90 pounds, mostly grows in a tropical climate. In Bangladesh, this amazing food is well known and used in curries, stews, soups and desserts. Many people like to eat it raw.

But even in warmer areas in the United States like the Sand Diego area, Jackfruit is harvested. So what is so special about it?

The most interesting fact for me is, that this versatile food can be used as a meat replacement. Of course, I only buy organic.

The texture is like beef, perfect to make a stew. Vegetarians love to eat healthy burgers with Jackfruit. But there are so many possibilities and recipes to create a delicious meal for the whole family.

More and more companies are using Jackfruit to create healthy meat replacements for their customers. The Jackfruitcompany offers ready-to-eat meals like BBQ Jackfruit, Tex-Mex Jackfruit, Teriyaki Jackfruit, Curry Jackfruit or just plain or naked Jackfruit. The plain food can be customized to everybody’s liking with spices, sauces and much more.

And the good thing is that this amazing low carb fruit contains minerals, vitamins and around 7 g of fibers per serving.

I will experiment more with this amazing fruit and use it in combination with rice and noodles.  A couple of recipes and results of my own experiences will be posted in the future.

Interested people can look up the following websites where ready-to-eat meals or fresh fruits are offered. Or just look up AMAZON.com.





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  1. I never had eaten a jackfruit but will look into it. Thanks for sharing!


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